Simple Fall 2011

So there are a few things I love about the seasons changing. New clothes, new food and fall seems to be a time of transition for many people. Weddings and School kick of new eras in many lives.

Where I am from, the east coast of Canada, we get a beautiful show of reds, golds, purples and greens on our many deciduous trees. After a rainy summer, the sun seems to stay around more often and this is the best time of year for outdoor activities, especially weddings. The Farmers Market in Halifax is at its best and I can pull out my favorite jacket, and all my earth toned accessories that were hiding under a pile of bright colored earrings all summer. The temperature will still rest right around 20C/68F until the end of the month. Best time of year for jean skirts, long cardigans and deck shoes. This is also the highlight of surfing in Nova Scotia.

bracelet from gogogorobot

Where I live now, the Arctic, Autumn has a different meaning all together. The return of the Northern Lights, more darkness (yes maybe I can sleep!) a cooling off from the almost constant blast of 30C/85F weather and the return of my Canada Goose parka and fur hat. Autumn is a blip on the season radar here.  The last river fire of the season and any last minute canoeing and fishing will have to happen within the first few weeks of September. My Rocket Dog boots will be pulled out, which seem to be the only fashionable piece I have that I can actually wear up here and survive. It will drop to 0C/33F by Septembers end.

 Fires along the Mckenzie River
 Best winter wear
Stunning night life

I got all this in the Mail today!!

I got this fantastic t-shirt today and put it on right away. The cotton is soft and it fits perfect. 
Check out Xenotees
Next... these sweet barcode tatoos... Each pack comes with six tattoos: 640509-040147 (Hitman), 332960073452 (Dark Angel), 748791120013 (Pink the singer), 064900000287 (Wrigley's Chewing Gum), 01201303 (Pepsi Cola), and 567-68-0515 (Richard Nixon's Social Security Number). 
Check out BarcodeArt
I also got these perfect boxes that I plan to use for Bridesmaids Gift Set Packaging. They make lots of great wedding packaging and cards.
Check out WhimsyPics

Warm Tea vs. Cold Tea

I think the warm tea wins!!! I got this amazing mug cozy from SassyJoy.  She even customized it for me by adding a square wooden button and she sent me a free dish cloth! It keeps my hands cool when my tea is super hot and keeps my tea warm forever! Ok not forever but I drink really slow and it stays warm long enough for me to enjoy it.

My cozy in action - I never make tea without it!

Sorry mom I can't use your old cake topper - this one is cooler!

Ever wish wedding cake toppers had more personality? Well your wish has been granted by lacerubbish
These would make such a "wow" gift for any couple. You get to pick whether you would like two brides, two grooms, or a bride and groom, expressions, hair colors, skin tone, hair style, clothing & more!

Did you meet your love between in the non-fiction section? This is for you!

Best New Shop

I am certain that this shop will be a hit!  Malidolls are simply sock toys - but the sweetest ones you have ever seen! Each one is one of a kind (GUSH!) and they have an undeniable personality! I just bought the best one but I am pretty sure you can find one just as interesting to call your own!

my guy!!!

You Prick!

I actually took a Dressmaking & Design course one time and I really enjoy sewing. These handmade pincushions from Freshly Pricked are beautifully made. I love the fabrics and colors.

One way ticket please

Welcome aboard Remixed Vintage

Decorated and recycled vintage luggage, artwork, party garland... this Judy V is a busy lady.

Judy uses collage and decoupage artistry to make already cool items beautiful and fun.