I got all this in the Mail today!!

I got this fantastic t-shirt today and put it on right away. The cotton is soft and it fits perfect. 
Check out Xenotees
Next... these sweet barcode tatoos... Each pack comes with six tattoos: 640509-040147 (Hitman), 332960073452 (Dark Angel), 748791120013 (Pink the singer), 064900000287 (Wrigley's Chewing Gum), 01201303 (Pepsi Cola), and 567-68-0515 (Richard Nixon's Social Security Number). 
Check out BarcodeArt
I also got these perfect boxes that I plan to use for Bridesmaids Gift Set Packaging. They make lots of great wedding packaging and cards.
Check out WhimsyPics

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  1. The bar codes are awesome! My brother would love them!

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